“Politically Correct” is Censorship!

It amazes me to see the term “politically correct” used so flippantly in our society today. The over use of this term has created individuals who are scared to really use their voice to speak on what and how they truly feel on a subject and in general, life. we as a society have faced so many new changes and with those changes have come these “rules” on how to talk about those changes so as to not offend anyone.

Have people forgotten they have the right to free speech? without censorship? This Country was not founded on Political Correctness. It was founded on Freedom of Speech, the freedom to speak your mind without repercussions, without “shaming” and without being viewed as a racist or bigot.

“Politically Correct” is “censorship” it is a sneaky tactic to take away that freedom of speech. that freedom that the founding fathers of this country fought so hard to gain. it is now being taken away from all of us over peoples insecurities, sensitivities and unwillingness to just live and let live.

You can’t help but see people pull out the “political Correct” card every time they hear something that doesn’t make their ears ring. if you want something to please your ears then listen to some music that makes you happy, if you can’t handle someone using their thoughts and ideas verbally then you have become part of the problem. your over sensitivity is hurting this society and helping no one by creating new generations of individuals who simply can not deal with life over a single comment made.

If people spoke their minds while using tact then problems wouldn’t explode to huge proportions, on the other hand if you are spoken to by someone who is bluntly honest then you not making a fuss over someones opinion would keep things from becoming problematic. Everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion on any subject under the sun. it all boils down to how you will handle it.

When you talk with someone on a topic of interest do you really care to hear and understand their comments on the matter? or are you fishing for something you can call them out on to shut them down, all because you want them to be politically correct when speaking to you? when you talk to them on a topic do you want to be fully heard and understood without having to be self censored?

Many people who use Politically correct censorship are one sided. they wish to be heard without any objection as to what they are talking about. this is a double standard, and this is another thing that contributes nothing to a fully functioning society and everything to censorship.

Life is not a one way road when it comes to persons and their ideas or thoughts of what is right, wrong or simply to be left alone. The world is a diverse place, no one person is the same and neither are their views on certain subjects whether political or personal. ┬áIf we as a society, as a Nation continue to allow “political correctness” to govern our every step in how we speak and live our lives, then we have disgraced this country, the founding fathers and the very foundation that this country was set upon. We are allowing our freedoms to be taken away.

I will not be a part of this censorship epidemic. I choose to speak freely on any subject that strikes a cord within me. my hope for this nation, for mankind’s future is that this trend of “political correctness” is thwarted and stopped dead in it’s tracks for the sake of our future generations being able to deal and live life to the full without petty oppositions.

Political Correctness does not create better people, it does not create a free world but rather it chains people and enslaves them. Fight for your rights! Do not Imprison yourselves! Life is too short to not live it, so LIVE!