The Woman Who Bested You

Things to know about me, I am an independent thinker and no I don’t believe in following the masses on what is acceptable or cool. If I do not agree with you on a topic I shouldn’t be penalized for that and there should not be shit spread around about me because I disagree with you. I did not give you a valid reason for your dislike/hatred towards me, so stop spreading lies about how I’m a bitch or I’m stuck up or that I’m arrogant.

I have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to think and live and say whatever I please, if you don’t like that then ok but stop spreading shit about me and stop saying that I am the problem when maybe in fact it is you who has the problem to begin with. Maybe the fact that you can’t handle anyone disagreeing with you or not hanging on your every word had more to do with your ego and your stuck up ways then the person you think you hate.

If you decide to not be friends anymore with my Husband because it’s “my fault” then you were never a true friend to him at all. You may not like the girl that your friend took for a wife, but that does not mean that you completely cut off your friend and then act like they no longer exists. I knew you were a fraud from the beginning but did I stand in between you and my husband’s friendship? No I did not because I knew how much of a brotherly love he had for you and I respected that. Did I expose your true colors to him in advance? YES I DID. Because that is my job as a wife to point out potential problem people and yes your one of those people. You tried everything in your power to sabotage your friends happiness with me before, during and even after we were married.

I endured countless vicious lies and rumors spread about me and for what? So you could hang on to your friend? How selfish! How Petty! And how small you are. You disliked me and hated me when you knew nothing of me. You created horrible ideas about me and my personality in your mind all because you did not like the idea of your friend getting married. Before I started dating my husband-to-be you and I had never even conversed, never had a moment to chit chat and get to know each other. From what I had seen and observed of you I knew right away that you were not a genuine or nice person. You were shallow, vain, and an ass to anyone who didn’t laugh at your stupidity.

I was and am what my husband wanted and still wants in his life. If you were a true friend you would have given him your backing, you would have stood behind him without question on his decision.

Even after we married you had plans to sabotage our marriage. A night out with friends when we visited, more like a cue to drive a wedge between my husband and I. you on purpose sat next to me, you on purpose physically flirted with me, you played with that line to see how far you could get without being blamed. Well played, you did drive a wedge that night; you made my husband flip his loyalty on me briefly for a time. He blamed me for the encounter and took your side.

Little did you know that I had my plans as well. I knew that you might try and pull something in front of a group to try and make your case valid against me. And have my husband turn against me in the hopes of his leaving me for good. You tried to break up our marriage. But you had no clue the army that I had behind me. The army that could see your true colors just as I have. That army foiled your attempts to undo my marriage.

Because of you and that night, my husband called me every name in the book and put the blame on me. I had never defended myself or my actions so fiercely in my life. But I would not give up because you had no right to win. You being the snake you are. your death was soon to come. I would chop off your head therefore ending your friendship and ending your chances of destroying a beautiful relationship between my husband and I. How dare you and your selfishness.

But you did not succeed. A wiser and older person saw you for what you were, he witnessed the pain you brought to our marriage that night. And he helped to mend things between us, exposing you and taking off the rose colored glasses my husband had towards you. Being a person with whom my husband respected deeply he came to his senses. He realized what he had allowed you to get away with.

It still took time for him to apologize for his words and actions towards me. But in time he did. And why? Because his love for me, out weighed his friendship with you.

So good riddance, my man never needed you anyway. Our marriage, our love will stand the test of time.

Our Love is Epic.

Your friendship was pathetic.

-The woman who bested you.


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