You Haven’t Got a Clue!

This is a statement for everyone to read, and a acknowledgment to all hard working mommies out there. As moms we have days where we are more exhausted than the other days. Sometimes those days are three or four in a row, Raising kids is a tough, rewarding and exhausting job. Does the fact that I post every now and then how tired I am at the time from parenting mean that I hate being a parent? NO it does not. I love my life with kids, Honestly I have no Idea what life for me would be like without my girls.
So when I say ” I wish my kids knew how to sleep in, these 6:30 in the morning wake ups are killing me.” That does not mean that I am over this whole parenting thing, so don’t assume. Maybe like every other parent I’m dealing with late nights into the morning trying to get there kids to sleep or maybe I have an extremely busy week with no down time and running low on energy. Maybe my body needs those extra five minutes of sleep to be able to function properly. does this stop me from taking care of my kids? no! because I love them and I care more about them and there well being than I do my own. That’s why every morning since May 14th 2012 I have jumped/rolled myself out of bed and tended to the needs of my kids no matter what it is.
So when I have a moment of I’m tired and I express that, it does not give anyone the right to judge me as a parent. non-parent people no offense but you do not know the struggles of what parents go through day in and day out so please don’t comment with words of “wisdom” like Just be happy you are lucky enough to have beautiful babies. that is insensitive and mean towards us hard working parents who YES need a respite here and there to keep on going for there kids. and I’m not cutting down those who have had hard times trying to make a family I can only imagine that struggle and I sympathize. but I already treat my children as blessings and the best thing that has happened to me since my wedding day.
And to the people who say “what are you going to do send them back?! send them to me I can take care of them” Just don’t! your comments are not needed. that is insensitive and harsh. my children are fine, they are happy. I am happy I love them. no, I don’t need to give them away to a better home they have one here with me.
If I express how tired I am during this current moment in time it does not justify backlash or *&$#%^@$ about me behind my back about how I’m not a good parent. you are not living in my home 24/7, you can not even know what all we deal with as a family everyday, hour, minute or second. Only God can judge me and mine. So before you comment on any of my post with a negative mindset towards me as a parent DON’T. If you have nothing good to say then keep scrolling and live and let live.


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