Trial Addiction

I’m a skeptical critic of products that promote well being. I look at all these “free trials” that these companies advertise to get you to sample there products in an attempt to purchase more in the future. I always find myself thinking “I’d like to try that” or “that is a bunch of crap, like that could ever work.” Having so many products advertised every day can result in a concrete question of “How can I trust this product?”, “Does this actually do what it says it does?”. Normally I will skip over the ad and say “nope not interested”.  then I got to thinking. why don’t I do a little research on something that peeks my interest? read the testimonials and if it’s FDA approved. Maybe if the information seems to be on the up and up I can go ahead and try the Trial products.

So here I am sending for my first Trial of products. It could either end up working or backfiring. no risk no gain right?

I’ve decided that For my Blog I will be experimenting with some of these Free Trials and record how I used the product, the duration of the trial and the results from each week of use.

First Free Trial that is on the way is Keranique Hair regrowth for women 2 Month supply & Keranique Daily Essential Vitamins 30 day trial.

to order the Free Trial you initially pay just the shipping and handling for both products it comes to $5.94.

After the free trial month if you continue to use the product the Prices for the two products amount to:

Regrowth for women $79.95 + S/H

Daily Essential $49.95 + S/H

you can cancel at anytime before you are billed for the full price.

My shipment will be here within a few days. so let the trial begin.


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