The Honest Truth

Recently my husband and I made the switch to the Honest company for all our Diapers and wipes needs. We initially fell in love with the products for there all natural properties. We wanted to take extra care of our little girls. during the last few months we had been battling diaper and wipes sensitivity, even the hypo allergenic diapers and wipes were not living up to their reputation. I was starting to become frustrated over not being able to keep my children’s tooshies from becoming red or inflamed.

I was searching for anything that would help out on the Diaper rashes. but not really finding a good quality product. One day while on Facebook an ad for The Honest Co. popped up displaying their Free diaper and wipes trial. claiming that they were made from 100% natural materials. I am always skeptical over online and TV ads but, at this point I was willing to try anything. So I sent for the Trial pack of five diapers and seven wipes. (Just had to pay $5.99 shipping). We were so anxious to get these in the mail that when they came we immediately changed the girls into them. after one days use, we actually saw a difference. My one daughter whose tooshie was sooo red and inflamed had faded so drastically that we were thrilled, awestruck, and relieved. I immediately jumped on the computer to sign up as a new member.

To demonstrate how gentle and safe the Honest company products are. I put their wipes to the test. A little background info before showing you. My daughters had made a mess of their room and had gotten the walls dirty. before we were associated with the honest company we used Huggies. I cleaned the mess up with Huggies wipes, when I was done with the mess I looked at the wipes and noticed they were blue. The wipes had stripped the paint right off the wall. That was a big red flag! When We got our Bundle shipment from Honest Co. I immediately put there wipes to the test. the results were amazing!

Don’t believe me? take a look. this is a comparison between Huggies wipes and Honest Co. wipes. and the results after wiping my daughters walls.

20150629_095130 20150629_095144 20150629_095157

results after wiping the wall. Blue paint transference
results after wiping the wall. Blue paint transference

20150629_095316 20150629_095341 20150629_095352

After wiping and then scrubbing there was no blue paint transferred onto the honest wipe.
After wiping and then scrubbing there was no blue paint transferred onto the honest wipe.


The results are incredibly straight forward. I am so happy we made the switch to the Honest Co. they clearly have a superior product. It is not only safe, it’s 100% all natural materials and no harsh man-made chemicals that are hazardous to your little ones body. So would you want to keep putting your child in a compromising position? or do you want them to have the very best? I chose the very best and I highly recommend it.

To start your child on the path towards healthy and safe. click on the link to get started. I promise you will not regret switching.

We are our children’s protectors, let’s not let them down.


7 thoughts on “The Honest Truth

  1. Interesting … it’s many years since we had a child using diapers. What is called “rash” is a product of moisture and skin, combined. Back in the day, we used cotton “nappies” and Comfrey ointment, Since then, I’ve found hemp oil. This seems to be just wonderful for skin problems. I take it internally. Which works from the inside out. Yet, I feel sure it would work just as well externally?

    Hemp is not cannabis and it’s loaded with Omega 3’s. The most in the vegetable world. I use organic cold-pressed, For the regular hemp oil has an extremely bitter flavour, which is definitely lessened in the organic product. Each to their own, glad you found something that helps. Disposable diapers are a bane in the environment. As too the wipes that say they are flushable, but not. For they play havoc in the pipes, creating huge gross fat bubbles.

    Cheers Jamie.


    • This is nice to know and I will keep it in mind. We really like the Honest company because there diapers and wipes are 100% biodegradable. because they are made from natural materials, unlike pampers, buggies, lugs, etc. that contain gel and other man-made products that degrade slowly of years. it’s better for the environment. and the wipes contain pomegranate, chamomile, cucumber and masterwork leaf instead of petrochemicals, chlorine or any other harsh chemicals put into wipes like buggies, pamper, etc. way better products then what you buy in the store.

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  2. I’ve seen their ads before, but didn’t sign up for anything. I noticed it was by a subscription, and I didn’t know if we’d use enough to warrant a subscription. Of course, we don’t have small children anymore. We do use wipes, though. We keep them in the van. I buy the Seventh Generation brand from Publix. Maybe you’d want to expand your experiment to include other natural brands of wipes, just for curiosities’ sake. Either way, it’s great when you find natural products that work as well or better than their chemical-laden counterparts!


    • I do like seventh generation brand. I did research on what they put into there products and found them to be on the up and up. My article is mainly to try an expose the harsh chemicals that are used in infant products today that can have long lasting negative affects on children. I signed up with honest because there bundle shipment for an entire month supply of diapers and wipes was cheaper than buying in store along with them being 100% natural.

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      • Yeah, I would have loved a company to supply natural products like that when I had my babies. It would have been easier and more healthful. 🙂

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