My beautiful Twins
My beautiful Twins

Sitting with my Twin Daughters this morning and I noticed a couple of smudge marks on their faces. I went to try and wipe the smudges off but they wouldn’t budge. I took a closer look and to my surprise I found that they were Freckles not smudges. this was something that I never imagined my daughters getting. As I thought that, I looked back at myself and was like “it makes sense since I have freckles and have had them ever since I was four years old”.

Still I was a little worried about it. kids can be cruel when it comes to natural skin tones, birth marks etc. Reflecting back to my childhood, I remembered the pain and shame that overcame me when I was in school and surrounded by other children who did not have freckles. They would taunt me and berate me for having freckles (let alone red hair). I grew up thinking that I was so ugly and not pretty in any way.

I definitely do not want my daughters go through anything like that. It left scars for me that are still healing. It wasn’t until I was around 19 years of age that I started to really own my freckles and red hair. I finally realized that I was pretty and had everything to offer to someone who would appreciate me and care for me in the way I deserved. I still to this day have my insecurities that I am continuously fighting against. and I probably will for a good deal of my life.

All of this rushed through my mind in a matter of seconds and I realized that, just as I had taken control of my insecurities. I wanted my girls to go through life with their heads held high and be proud of how they look. My daughters are gorgeous little girls, spunky in personality and all around sweethearts. I don’t want them to shut down for years because some mean person put them down for the way they look. I want to teach them to hone their natural beauty and to metaphorically stick their finger up towards any person trying to bring them down.

Society puts a lot of pressure on girls to look perfect. as a Mother I want them to know that it’s perfectly fine for them to doll themselves up all the time, or every now and then, or not at all. The choice is up to them. As long as they are comfortable in their skin, then no one has the power to tear them down.

I want to show them that even though those models look picture perfect, they are normal average every day women just like them. That no one has perfectly flawless skin all the time. By exposing this industry way of thinking, we can create beautifully confident children who will go through life living on a positive note and not a negative one.

To my Daughters I say flaunt what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have. live your life as true and honest as you can and your true beauty will shine through.

To my daughters I love you, you will always be my Beauty Queens.

Love mom.


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