One sexy Momma!

Today I dug out a dress that I bought almost six years ago. Way before I ever thought of having kids. And back when my husband and I were newly wed’s.
This dress was a dream date night dress. A combination between Audrey Hepburn’s my fair lady striped dress and Marilyn Monroe’s tight fitting 1950’s style.

I had to have it then and I still want it now.
As I looked at the dress hanging up in my closet safe from stains in its garment bag, I felt the urge to try it on.
Now since having kids my weight has fluxed up and down in numbers. This feeling of dread washed over me. What if I get it on but it won’t zip up? Or worse what if I can’t get the dang thing back off?!
I decided to go for it anyways.


First year married.

And what do you know it fit!


Two years after having kids.

It felt amazing to see myself once again rocking this amazing dress. Self esteem reestablished.

As a pregnant woman it was hard for me to see myself back to my almost original weight post pregnancy.


Me at 25 weeks

But with breast feeding for as long as I could with twins the weight just fell off. And getting back to my normal routine of eating was and has been a major contributing factor. 

And it looks like all of my efforts to slim back to my original weight have paid off.
I’m not one to brag. But this feels great to see myself in this dress once again.
Date night here I come!


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