little house big family

The unthinkable happened during the past week. We had the pleasure of doing business with two complete psycho’s.
Their is nothing more aggravating than to deal with people who act and look like inbred Hicks.

Here is what happened. My husband and I have been searching for a cheaper place to rent so that we could save more money. Which is still a good plan regardless.
I had been searching in our local news paper for the past few months for something reasonable and within a timely distance of family. One day I came across a rental add in our local news paper for an apartment that was well within our price range. So I called them and of course got all the information. They seemed nice enough on the phone. When my husband came home I explained all of what I was told to him. Later that day we went to look at the rental. The apartment was nice especially for the price.
So we decided to go for it. After setting up the agreement that sometime the following week we would bring the deposit to hold the apartment for one month. These people agreed to that. Now keep in mind we never promised that we would bring the money on the specific day that we got it but we would bring it sometime that week.

Well the day that our money hit our account we had some family matters come up that needed immediate attention. So that took priority. And we forgot to call and let them know that we were still coming but something had come up.

We called them two days later and explained the situation and was letting them know that we would be bringing the money on this day. We had already put down the deposit.
Now here is the fun part. These people proceeded to call us liars and promise breakers. Which is numerous because we never made promises in the first place but did guarantee that we would have the rest of the money to them by the end of that week.

They refused to rent to us because their feelings were hurt. So we said “ok we will be over to get our deposit see you soon”

We arrived at their home and my husband went up to get our deposit back. I stayed in the car with our children. By the way they acted and treated us on the phone I was prepared for the worst.

As a precaution I had 911 dialed and ready to be called.
Twenty minutes after standing his ground and be called every insult in the book including some ridiculous ones we got our deposit back.

As soon as we were turning around in the drive way to leave the daughter came and stood in front of our vehicle. By this time I locked our doors and rolled up the windows. The daughter continued to yell at us. So I moved the car forward slowly to try and get her to move. She finally started to get out of the way only to come to my drivers side window. Making sure that she could see what I had pre diled I hit send and called 911. As soon as I did she backed off but still followed us a little ways down the drive all while I talked to the dispatcher. We then went to the local police station and made a report.
The police officer was so great and told us that if the check didn’t go through to let us know. Because it would be considered a crime.

Thankfully our bank us open seven days a week. So we were able to cash it before they could cancel it.

But now we had no place to stay permanently.

Thank God for family!
Our family gave us a place to stay when our new place was ripped away from us at the last possible second.

What was to be learned in the situation. Never trust an old nitty and her crazy daughter who don’t run their business as an actual business lol. Lesson learned.

Now things have been moving forward for us and we are going to be buying our own home soon. So in the end we had something good happen.


One thought on “little house big family

  1. There are definitely some crazy people out there! At least it worked out for the best! Sometimes good things come out of the worst imaginable situations. 🙂


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