Today has been a good day. My daughters grow more and more adorable everyday.

Today is special mainly because this is one of the days our girls can spend some quality time with their dad.

Sitting here watching them interact with him using their twin jibberish lingo. Realizing that they are little people, with their own thoughts, ideas and expressions. 

It hit me harder today. I have two toddlers! They are intelligent, goofy, sophisticated little fashionistas just waiting eagerly to explore the world and what it has to offer.

While they play ant smasher they giggle and laugh at their accomplishments. Sitting next to their dad and occasionally looking to him for praise of a job well done. The sincerity behind their beautiful big blue eyes. The excitement in their voices. It fills my heart with joy and fills my eyes with tears of happiness.

I dont have a clue or idea what my life would be without them. Perhaps dull or boring. 

Children really do bring an inexplicable joy to your life.

Their genuine curiosity and playfulness takes me back to my childhood. And makes me happy to see them happy like i was growing up.

I cant wait to keep experiencing these moments in time and freeze them in my memory. I hope to make the most of them. And I pray that they love me for being their mother.

Call me emotional but that’s a mother for you.



One thought on “giggles

  1. I think you will enjoy having this blog to look back on in years to come. It will help you to remember some of the fun times you’ve had with your girls. I wish I’d written more in a baby book or online than I did. They grow so fast and change so much, and a lot of the little details are lost. Enjoy them!


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