“Politically Correct” is Censorship!

It amazes me to see the term “politically correct” used so flippantly in our society today. The over use of this term has created individuals who are scared to really use their voice to speak on what and how they truly feel on a subject and in general, life. we as a society have faced so many new changes and with those changes have come these “rules” on how to talk about those changes so as to not offend anyone.

Have people forgotten they have the right to free speech? without censorship? This Country was not founded on Political Correctness. It was founded on Freedom of Speech, the freedom to speak your mind without repercussions, without “shaming” and without being viewed as a racist or bigot.

“Politically Correct” is “censorship” it is a sneaky tactic to take away that freedom of speech. that freedom that the founding fathers of this country fought so hard to gain. it is now being taken away from all of us over peoples insecurities, sensitivities and unwillingness to just live and let live.

You can’t help but see people pull out the “political Correct” card every time they hear something that doesn’t make their ears ring. if you want something to please your ears then listen to some music that makes you happy, if you can’t handle someone using their thoughts and ideas verbally then you have become part of the problem. your over sensitivity is hurting this society and helping no one by creating new generations of individuals who simply can not deal with life over a single comment made.

If people spoke their minds while using tact then problems wouldn’t explode to huge proportions, on the other hand if you are spoken to by someone who is bluntly honest then you not making a fuss over someones opinion would keep things from becoming problematic. Everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion on any subject under the sun. it all boils down to how you will handle it.

When you talk with someone on a topic of interest do you really care to hear and understand their comments on the matter? or are you fishing for something you can call them out on to shut them down, all because you want them to be politically correct when speaking to you? when you talk to them on a topic do you want to be fully heard and understood without having to be self censored?

Many people who use Politically correct censorship are one sided. they wish to be heard without any objection as to what they are talking about. this is a double standard, and this is another thing that contributes nothing to a fully functioning society and everything to censorship.

Life is not a one way road when it comes to persons and their ideas or thoughts of what is right, wrong or simply to be left alone. The world is a diverse place, no one person is the same and neither are their views on certain subjects whether political or personal.  If we as a society, as a Nation continue to allow “political correctness” to govern our every step in how we speak and live our lives, then we have disgraced this country, the founding fathers and the very foundation that this country was set upon. We are allowing our freedoms to be taken away.

I will not be a part of this censorship epidemic. I choose to speak freely on any subject that strikes a cord within me. my hope for this nation, for mankind’s future is that this trend of “political correctness” is thwarted and stopped dead in it’s tracks for the sake of our future generations being able to deal and live life to the full without petty oppositions.

Political Correctness does not create better people, it does not create a free world but rather it chains people and enslaves them. Fight for your rights! Do not Imprison yourselves! Life is too short to not live it, so LIVE!



The Woman Who Bested You

Things to know about me, I am an independent thinker and no I don’t believe in following the masses on what is acceptable or cool. If I do not agree with you on a topic I shouldn’t be penalized for that and there should not be shit spread around about me because I disagree with you. I did not give you a valid reason for your dislike/hatred towards me, so stop spreading lies about how I’m a bitch or I’m stuck up or that I’m arrogant.

I have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to think and live and say whatever I please, if you don’t like that then ok but stop spreading shit about me and stop saying that I am the problem when maybe in fact it is you who has the problem to begin with. Maybe the fact that you can’t handle anyone disagreeing with you or not hanging on your every word had more to do with your ego and your stuck up ways then the person you think you hate.

If you decide to not be friends anymore with my Husband because it’s “my fault” then you were never a true friend to him at all. You may not like the girl that your friend took for a wife, but that does not mean that you completely cut off your friend and then act like they no longer exists. I knew you were a fraud from the beginning but did I stand in between you and my husband’s friendship? No I did not because I knew how much of a brotherly love he had for you and I respected that. Did I expose your true colors to him in advance? YES I DID. Because that is my job as a wife to point out potential problem people and yes your one of those people. You tried everything in your power to sabotage your friends happiness with me before, during and even after we were married.

I endured countless vicious lies and rumors spread about me and for what? So you could hang on to your friend? How selfish! How Petty! And how small you are. You disliked me and hated me when you knew nothing of me. You created horrible ideas about me and my personality in your mind all because you did not like the idea of your friend getting married. Before I started dating my husband-to-be you and I had never even conversed, never had a moment to chit chat and get to know each other. From what I had seen and observed of you I knew right away that you were not a genuine or nice person. You were shallow, vain, and an ass to anyone who didn’t laugh at your stupidity.

I was and am what my husband wanted and still wants in his life. If you were a true friend you would have given him your backing, you would have stood behind him without question on his decision.

Even after we married you had plans to sabotage our marriage. A night out with friends when we visited, more like a cue to drive a wedge between my husband and I. you on purpose sat next to me, you on purpose physically flirted with me, you played with that line to see how far you could get without being blamed. Well played, you did drive a wedge that night; you made my husband flip his loyalty on me briefly for a time. He blamed me for the encounter and took your side.

Little did you know that I had my plans as well. I knew that you might try and pull something in front of a group to try and make your case valid against me. And have my husband turn against me in the hopes of his leaving me for good. You tried to break up our marriage. But you had no clue the army that I had behind me. The army that could see your true colors just as I have. That army foiled your attempts to undo my marriage.

Because of you and that night, my husband called me every name in the book and put the blame on me. I had never defended myself or my actions so fiercely in my life. But I would not give up because you had no right to win. You being the snake you are. your death was soon to come. I would chop off your head therefore ending your friendship and ending your chances of destroying a beautiful relationship between my husband and I. How dare you and your selfishness.

But you did not succeed. A wiser and older person saw you for what you were, he witnessed the pain you brought to our marriage that night. And he helped to mend things between us, exposing you and taking off the rose colored glasses my husband had towards you. Being a person with whom my husband respected deeply he came to his senses. He realized what he had allowed you to get away with.

It still took time for him to apologize for his words and actions towards me. But in time he did. And why? Because his love for me, out weighed his friendship with you.

So good riddance, my man never needed you anyway. Our marriage, our love will stand the test of time.

Our Love is Epic.

Your friendship was pathetic.

-The woman who bested you.

You Haven’t Got a Clue!

This is a statement for everyone to read, and a acknowledgment to all hard working mommies out there. As moms we have days where we are more exhausted than the other days. Sometimes those days are three or four in a row, Raising kids is a tough, rewarding and exhausting job. Does the fact that I post every now and then how tired I am at the time from parenting mean that I hate being a parent? NO it does not. I love my life with kids, Honestly I have no Idea what life for me would be like without my girls.
So when I say ” I wish my kids knew how to sleep in, these 6:30 in the morning wake ups are killing me.” That does not mean that I am over this whole parenting thing, so don’t assume. Maybe like every other parent I’m dealing with late nights into the morning trying to get there kids to sleep or maybe I have an extremely busy week with no down time and running low on energy. Maybe my body needs those extra five minutes of sleep to be able to function properly. does this stop me from taking care of my kids? no! because I love them and I care more about them and there well being than I do my own. That’s why every morning since May 14th 2012 I have jumped/rolled myself out of bed and tended to the needs of my kids no matter what it is.
So when I have a moment of I’m tired and I express that, it does not give anyone the right to judge me as a parent. non-parent people no offense but you do not know the struggles of what parents go through day in and day out so please don’t comment with words of “wisdom” like Just be happy you are lucky enough to have beautiful babies. that is insensitive and mean towards us hard working parents who YES need a respite here and there to keep on going for there kids. and I’m not cutting down those who have had hard times trying to make a family I can only imagine that struggle and I sympathize. but I already treat my children as blessings and the best thing that has happened to me since my wedding day.
And to the people who say “what are you going to do send them back?! send them to me I can take care of them” Just don’t! your comments are not needed. that is insensitive and harsh. my children are fine, they are happy. I am happy I love them. no, I don’t need to give them away to a better home they have one here with me.
If I express how tired I am during this current moment in time it does not justify backlash or *&$#%^@$ about me behind my back about how I’m not a good parent. you are not living in my home 24/7, you can not even know what all we deal with as a family everyday, hour, minute or second. Only God can judge me and mine. So before you comment on any of my post with a negative mindset towards me as a parent DON’T. If you have nothing good to say then keep scrolling and live and let live.

The truest Companion wears Fur

When I was a little girl, I had the best friend in the world! we did everything together we played in the sprinklers in the spring and summer, we jumped into the pile of raked up leaves in the back yard, we burrowed underneath the snow piles creating path ways for us to run-through and hills to leap and jump over. my Friends name was Patty, and she was the most loyal and trust worthy Friend I had ever had. And she was a Beagle. that’s right my very first ever best friend was my dog. I never had to worry about where her loyalties lied, granted I was five years old when my mother and father brought her home from my grandfathers farm. But the feeling of love and joy she brought to my life was immense.

Patty our beagle
Patty our beagle

Patty was a great dog. Now I know what you’re thinking “beagles never shut up” or “beagles smell terrible”. and with Patty she rarely ever barked, unless there was and intruder in the yard or someone who was trying to get into our house that was unknown to us. she was loyal and true and very obedient. as for her smell? honestly, she smelled bad once in a while but it wasn’t all the time. And I might be weird but having that smell was something that imprinted itself on my brain. Now when I come across that scent I am reminded of my childhood friend. how we would lay under a shade tree and just hang out while I petted her. or how we would go inside her dog house to get warmed up during winter, because if we went in the house it was play time over. We had fun adventures together and some frighting ones. I remember when I was five I had a bad dream about dragons and had mustered up enough courage to get out of bed and creep my way to my parents room. well when I reached the living room I noticed a huge lump on the couch in the darkness. I strained to try and make it out, I whispered “Patty is that you?” as soon as I spoke a head turned my way with glowing eyes! I ran right past her screaming the whole way to my parents room. Jumped from the threshold to the bed in a split second, Finally trying to catch my breath while my heart raced faster than it had ever done, my mom asked ” what’s the matter?!” and finally realizing it was the dog on the couch by this time. I told her “Patty scared me to def!” I look back at that time now and laugh my rear off over it. silly dog knew she wasn’t allowed to be on the couch. you’ve seen how in those zombie movies the creepiness of that head turn right? yeah that’s exactly what this was like! lol. I can laugh and joke about it now, but back then it was the scariest and creepiest encounter I had ever had.

We had Patty for a long time before she went back to live on the farm at my grandparents house. that was a sad day, I felt like a limb had been removed from my body. yes I could visit her as much as I wanted but it wasn’t the same after she moved back to the farm. She was a good and loyal friend to the end though. I will forever love that dog. She was and still is the standard by which I measure all dogs.

Since having her, I have been owner to ten cats (over the course of many years, not all at once) and two other dogs. I love animals that is for sure. But out of all the domestic animals Dogs have always been my favorite. they are always happy to see you and always want to be around you whether its head resting on your lap or simply in the same room as you, they never cease to provide love.

My husband, well my Fiancé at the time got me a puppy from one of the neighbors. He was beautiful, his father was a purebred German shepherd whose back was up to my waist. he was a big, BIG German Shepherd. and his mother was a medium sized dog with Husky and wolf mix in her, she possessed another breed in her but we were never quite sure what it was. these two breeds of dogs created the most precious and beautiful puppies ever. they had the shepherd and husky markings and coloring. The puppy I chose was Carmel and tan in color with beautiful green eyes. we took him home with us and I named him Nasato. when he was acting lovey dovey I called him Nasato-potatoe. He was the sweetest puppy ever and so unbelievably intelligent. for example, Nasato poo poo’d on my soon to be in-laws carpet ( it was an accident). I could have scolded him in a harsh tone but all I did was whisper in a kind of “oh my god” tone. I whispered “Nasato no…” after that one accident and the way I handled it he never once went inside the house again. literally potty training him was that quick. it surprised even me how fast he made the connection. right then I knew for a fact that he was going to be a great dog.

Nasato when we first got him
Nasato when we first got him

Nasato was funny too, he had the silliest personality I had ever come across. one time when he was in his crate my sister in law and I were petting him and talking to him when all of a sudden he tooted. Nasato jumped, whipped his head around towards his butt like “what the heck?!” and we just died laughing it was the funniest reaction to a toot that we had ever seen. then he looked at us with these big ole worried eyes it was too much to not laugh.

Nasato six months old
Nasato six months old

Nasato loved to play with kids too. my niece was playing with him, well teasing him and he got an attitude like “Fine, since your messing with me I’m going to mess with you” he turned on her and started trying to pull off her socks. they ran around the house and we laughed the whole time he was trying to get her socks. He was such a good family dog. sweet and lovable and just a genuine joy to be around.

Nasato nine months old
Nasato nine months old

We then had to move after having him for ten months. the apartment that we were moving into didn’t allow pets at all. This was the worst thing I had ever had to do. I did not want to give him up. but our financial situation would not allow us to stay in the house that we were renting. Regretfully, I took him to the Humane society. it killed me to part with him and it still tears at my heart to think about it. we went back the same week to check up on him. when we got there I asked one of the care takers about him and he said that he was adopted out to a family who owned a farm two days ago. I was so relieved that he had been adopted that quickly. It’s been five years since I had to let him go and I still have the photo of my puppy on the shelf in my bedroom.

Akira 8 weeks old
Akira 8 weeks old
Akira Fifteen weeks old.
Akira Fifteen weeks old.

I never knew if the void I felt after that could be filled again. Since bringing home Akira, she has been bringing me back to a happier and more enjoyable life. she can never ever replace my other loves that came before her, But she is doing a good job of filling that void. And the love I have for her is unique just like it was unique for Patty and Nasato. I am forever thankful to God for creating a companion that can bring so much joy to a persons life. my best friends wear Fur.

Trial Addiction

I’m a skeptical critic of products that promote well being. I look at all these “free trials” that these companies advertise to get you to sample there products in an attempt to purchase more in the future. I always find myself thinking “I’d like to try that” or “that is a bunch of crap, like that could ever work.” Having so many products advertised every day can result in a concrete question of “How can I trust this product?”, “Does this actually do what it says it does?”. Normally I will skip over the ad and say “nope not interested”.  then I got to thinking. why don’t I do a little research on something that peeks my interest? read the testimonials and if it’s FDA approved. Maybe if the information seems to be on the up and up I can go ahead and try the Trial products.

So here I am sending for my first Trial of products. It could either end up working or backfiring. no risk no gain right?

I’ve decided that For my Blog I will be experimenting with some of these Free Trials and record how I used the product, the duration of the trial and the results from each week of use.

First Free Trial that is on the way is Keranique Hair regrowth for women 2 Month supply & Keranique Daily Essential Vitamins 30 day trial.

to order the Free Trial you initially pay just the shipping and handling for both products it comes to $5.94.

After the free trial month if you continue to use the product the Prices for the two products amount to:

Regrowth for women $79.95 + S/H

Daily Essential $49.95 + S/H

you can cancel at anytime before you are billed for the full price.

My shipment will be here within a few days. so let the trial begin.

A little Fuzz Ball in my Life!

For as long as I can remember I have always loved Wolves and Huskies. They are the most beautiful breeds of Dogs in my opinion, nothing embodies the wild and nature quite like these breeds do. maybe it was my Native American side drawing me to these beautiful quadrupeds or maybe it’s my Disney Princess side. I have always been drawn to nature and everything animalistic in it’s kingdom.

Now I am an adult and I promised myself that one day I would own the dog of my dreams, a Siberian Husky. This year I made that promise a reality. My family now owns a beautiful Siberian Husky and she is the most perfect pet in the world. A little mischievous every now and then, but a little princess none the less.

Our little Husky Girl two days after we brought her home.
Our little Husky Girl two days after we brought her home.

She has brought so much Joy into my life. It was great to see my twins reaction to her when we finally brought her home. we had shown them photos of her from newborn to six weeks old. But I understood that us telling them “this is our new puppy” would not really sink in until we actually brought her home. The excitement in their voices was too cute to recreate when telling family and friends of there reaction.

Akira at home with her new squeaky toy.
Akira at home with her new squeaky toy.

The fun part of training Akira and teaching the twins about respect towards each other has been fairly smooth. Akira being a step down from a wolf has the “it’s mine” aspect of personality, that once she grabs a stuffed animal toy from the girls she has claimed all rights to it. so to curb that way of thinking my daughters and I went through there stuffed toys and designated three that were okay to give to the puppy. this has helped us to avoid any crying situations over Akira running off with a precious and prized toy from the girls collection.

She is even cartoon character cute!
She is even cartoon character cute!

All around Akira is the best thing that has happened to our Family. Having her around has helped with training our daughters to show respect towards animal, to be gentle and kind. Do they get excited every now and then and accidentally become rough with Akira? yes, but that’s because they are still toddlers in training. Consistent reminders of being gentle with our dog though helps to curb this over excited behavior. This experience has not only helped with patience and kindness, it has also helped with comforting our one daughter who has sensory issues. when she is upset we bring Akira in for her to love on and pet. Akira is a fast way to a smile on our Daughters face. Instantly putting her into a good mood. we are very grateful for this.

She always brings a smile to everyones face.
She always brings a smile to everyones face.

A bond is being created between dog and children. Akira has become more used to having little ones around and has started to adopt them into her life as her own. She loves to snuggle and cuddle with them on the couch. and if the twins have blankets Akira needs one as well. She is a sweet companion. I don’t know how I coped with stresses in life before her. having her come into our lives has made a significant change. not without it’s challenges for sure. puppies take a lot of training, and teething can be an issue. especially when almost all your socks and under garments have holes in them that weren’t there before lol. but it’s comes with the territory, and she is getting better with not chewing those things up anymore. it was a little ridiculous at first. but she is learning.

snuggling on the couch with the twins.
snuggling on the couch with the twins.

We are also grateful to Akira’s breeder who is so loving and kind and absolutely loves her work. this has shined through with Akira. she has the perfect temperament for being a family dog. without that loving environment for her to be fought up in would not have made her an ideal choice of dog. I am so pleased that she came from a good natured home.  we continue now with our journey. I am excited to have her in our family for years to come. I am in love with her, and am falling more and more in love with her every day. I’m glad I made the choice to bring her into our lives. the benefits have been rewarding.

The Honest Truth

Recently my husband and I made the switch to the Honest company for all our Diapers and wipes needs. We initially fell in love with the products for there all natural properties. We wanted to take extra care of our little girls. during the last few months we had been battling diaper and wipes sensitivity, even the hypo allergenic diapers and wipes were not living up to their reputation. I was starting to become frustrated over not being able to keep my children’s tooshies from becoming red or inflamed.

I was searching for anything that would help out on the Diaper rashes. but not really finding a good quality product. One day while on Facebook an ad for The Honest Co. popped up displaying their Free diaper and wipes trial. claiming that they were made from 100% natural materials. I am always skeptical over online and TV ads but, at this point I was willing to try anything. So I sent for the Trial pack of five diapers and seven wipes. (Just had to pay $5.99 shipping). We were so anxious to get these in the mail that when they came we immediately changed the girls into them. after one days use, we actually saw a difference. My one daughter whose tooshie was sooo red and inflamed had faded so drastically that we were thrilled, awestruck, and relieved. I immediately jumped on the computer to sign up as a new member.

To demonstrate how gentle and safe the Honest company products are. I put their wipes to the test. A little background info before showing you. My daughters had made a mess of their room and had gotten the walls dirty. before we were associated with the honest company we used Huggies. I cleaned the mess up with Huggies wipes, when I was done with the mess I looked at the wipes and noticed they were blue. The wipes had stripped the paint right off the wall. That was a big red flag! When We got our Bundle shipment from Honest Co. I immediately put there wipes to the test. the results were amazing!

Don’t believe me? take a look. this is a comparison between Huggies wipes and Honest Co. wipes. and the results after wiping my daughters walls.

20150629_095130 20150629_095144 20150629_095157

results after wiping the wall. Blue paint transference
results after wiping the wall. Blue paint transference

20150629_095316 20150629_095341 20150629_095352

After wiping and then scrubbing there was no blue paint transferred onto the honest wipe.
After wiping and then scrubbing there was no blue paint transferred onto the honest wipe.


The results are incredibly straight forward. I am so happy we made the switch to the Honest Co. they clearly have a superior product. It is not only safe, it’s 100% all natural materials and no harsh man-made chemicals that are hazardous to your little ones body. So would you want to keep putting your child in a compromising position? or do you want them to have the very best? I chose the very best and I highly recommend it.

To start your child on the path towards healthy and safe. click on the link to get started. I promise you will not regret switching.


We are our children’s protectors, let’s not let them down.


My beautiful Twins
My beautiful Twins

Sitting with my Twin Daughters this morning and I noticed a couple of smudge marks on their faces. I went to try and wipe the smudges off but they wouldn’t budge. I took a closer look and to my surprise I found that they were Freckles not smudges. this was something that I never imagined my daughters getting. As I thought that, I looked back at myself and was like “it makes sense since I have freckles and have had them ever since I was four years old”.

Still I was a little worried about it. kids can be cruel when it comes to natural skin tones, birth marks etc. Reflecting back to my childhood, I remembered the pain and shame that overcame me when I was in school and surrounded by other children who did not have freckles. They would taunt me and berate me for having freckles (let alone red hair). I grew up thinking that I was so ugly and not pretty in any way.

I definitely do not want my daughters go through anything like that. It left scars for me that are still healing. It wasn’t until I was around 19 years of age that I started to really own my freckles and red hair. I finally realized that I was pretty and had everything to offer to someone who would appreciate me and care for me in the way I deserved. I still to this day have my insecurities that I am continuously fighting against. and I probably will for a good deal of my life.

All of this rushed through my mind in a matter of seconds and I realized that, just as I had taken control of my insecurities. I wanted my girls to go through life with their heads held high and be proud of how they look. My daughters are gorgeous little girls, spunky in personality and all around sweethearts. I don’t want them to shut down for years because some mean person put them down for the way they look. I want to teach them to hone their natural beauty and to metaphorically stick their finger up towards any person trying to bring them down.

Society puts a lot of pressure on girls to look perfect. as a Mother I want them to know that it’s perfectly fine for them to doll themselves up all the time, or every now and then, or not at all. The choice is up to them. As long as they are comfortable in their skin, then no one has the power to tear them down.

I want to show them that even though those models look picture perfect, they are normal average every day women just like them. That no one has perfectly flawless skin all the time. By exposing this industry way of thinking, we can create beautifully confident children who will go through life living on a positive note and not a negative one.

To my Daughters I say flaunt what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have. live your life as true and honest as you can and your true beauty will shine through.

To my daughters I love you, you will always be my Beauty Queens.

Love mom.

one step towards healthy

One of the goals that I have always had and pretty well kept is being a healthy eater. I am not one who believes in diets, but I do believe in healthy eating and healthy portions. this doesn’t mean that I don’t scarf down a few slices of Pizza pie every now and then. (come on I’m human lol) but I don’t make foods like pasta and pizza and processed foods a daily requirement.

it is very easy to fall victim to allure of fast food. it’s convenient and easy to obtain. but it’s not the wisest choice. growing up I was a light eater, my parents always said I ate like the birds, they were right back then and that truth still stands today.

now that I am a wife and mother I am extra aware of the foods I put not only into my mouth but in the mouths of my family members. I find that in my cooking and food prep I am creating new and interesting yet healthy foods, that are both filing and tasty.

so here are just a few of the newest recipes I have created over the last few months. feel free to try them and post your opinions  on how you like them.

Recipe one: Breakfast

4 Egg whites

1/2 cup of shredded kerry gold Irish aged cheddar

4 mushrooms sliced

1/2 cup of spinach

half sprig of rosemary

with a side of Turkey Bacon. One glass of Juice(your choice) and a cup of coffee.

This breakfast is not only nutritious but bold in flavor and super healthy for you. it’s one of my personal favorites for the morning.


Almonds or Trail mix

I love the chili and lime flavored almonds from Blue Diamond. trail mix is also a good snack. this way you get your daily serving of nuts. (if your allergic to nuts I would suggest a fruit cup with some granola clusters).


Mixed berries and spinach with home made sweet dressing

1 cup of mixed berries

2 cups spinach


1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

1/3 cup Olive oil

1/4 cup poppi seeds

1/4 cup sesame seeds

mix the ingredients for the dressing together well and pour over salad.



plain greek yogurt

fresh coconut flakes

fresh pineapple


mix together and enjoy. this snack is my #1 favorite of my day.


med- rare eye round steak with spinach leaf, beet hummus, sliced grape tomato topping

with a side of mashed sweet potatoes(put boiled sweet potatoes in bowl beat in half stick of butter, half cup sugar, 2tbs cinnamon, 1tbs nutmeg)

honeyed asparagus(put asparagus in killet add half cup of water two tbs of butter and drizzle honey on top)

the sweet potatoes I use as my dessert for the meal. and it always makes my family happy when I make this with our meals.

those are some of my favorite healthy and filling recipes for one day out of my week. try it out, let me know what you think. and if you have any healthy recipes for meals made at home, feel free to share them. I would enjoy trying one of your favorite things.